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A Message from Our Founder, Margaret Popp

Allow me a moment to tell you about my Home Health Care Agency, Guardian Angels of Home Health, Inc.   After devoting 45 years of service, providing qualified Home Health Care personnel to the residents of Bucks, Montgomery and Mercer counties, I have come to learn what makes a successful Home Health Care experience.  You must provide qualified caregivers who are highly trained.  They must be able to have the skills to perform the task at hand and still be able to be nurturing and diligent, while taking care of our clients.

Back in 1968, Home Health Care was much different.  The client's needs were different, but the precedent was no more demanding than today's standards.  With newer technology today, we have the ability to obtain criminal background checks, both state and federal, during our hiring evaluation.  We don't stop there.  After verification of their credentials,, we have our caregivers complete our own testing here in the office.  When we are satisfied that the caregiver meets the criteria we have as a Home Health Care Agency, we will ask that you make sure they meet yours for you or a family member.  Once you feel satisfied with the Home Health Care Plan and the caregiver, we will continue to work with you to continuously assess the client's needs and periodically review and update the Home Health Care Plan - so your loved one's always receive the optimal care.

In closing please be assured that all of our employees are thoroughly screened, subjected to criminal background checks and are bonded and insured.

Our mission statement remains the same since being established so many decades ago.

...Provide the same excellence in care that you would come to expect for your own family member.  A care giver who is truly a Guardian Angel!

Well Wishes to you and yours,

Margaret P.

About Our Caregivers

At Guardian Angels of Home Health, our caregivers fall into four broad categories:

With a range of types of caring professionals, We match the right types of training and aptitudes for each home in the most cost-effective fashion possible.


Professionals You Can Trust

Guardian Angels of Home Health directly employs each caregiver. This adds to the trust you can place in your helpers, spares you the burden and worry of tax forms, and improves the reliability of service as we become the ones responsible for fill-in helpers when the usual caregivers need time off.

All of our employees are carefully selected for the right skills, aptitude, and personality. Initial and ongoing screening includes criminal background checks, reference checks, skills assessments, and license verification.

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