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Home Health Care Bill of Rights

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Home Care Bill of Rights

Home care clients have a right to be notified in writing of the rights and obligations before treatment begins and to exercise those rights. The client's family or guardian may exercise the client's rights when the client has been judged incompetent. Home care providers have an obligation to protect and promote the rights of their clients, including the following rights:

Clients and Providers Have a Right to Dignity and Respect

Home care clients and their formal caregivers have a right to not be discriminated against based on race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, or handicap. Furthermore, clients and caregivers have a right to mutual respect and dignity, including respect for property. Caregivers are prohibited from accepting personal gifts and borrowing from clients.

Clients have the right:

Decision Making

Clients have the right:

The home care provider or the client's physician may be forced to refer the client to another source of care if the client's refusal to comply with the plan of care threatens to compromise the provider's commitment to quality care.


Clients have the right to:

Financial Information

Clients have the right:

Quality of Care

Clients have the right:

The home care provider shall assure that:

Client Responsibility

Clients have the right: