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Testimony 1

Dear Margaret,

Thank you and your staff for providing us with Amos. My Father, suffers from some dementia and had some limitation in walking. I moved to another state, and wanted him to move in with me but he refused. He has lived here all his life and didn’t want to leave his home and familiar surroundings. He also didn’t want a caregiver, but after meeting Amos he was content.

Amos provided homemaking services, went to the mall and had lunch with my father, he did so much for him. My dad had some bad days, but Amos was always there. He never called off, for he knew how important Dad’s coverage was to me. I felt a sense of relief knowing my father was with Amos.

Now my dad has sadly passed away, and I miss him terribly. I thank you for the services that you and Amos provided for him and I.


Victoria from Texas

Testimony 2

Dear Margaret,

My wife passed away at an early age, I was left with three teenagers, as well as my Mother-in-law who had been a good cook, and a great homemaker. She is now partially disabled. You sent a Guardian Angels caregiver (Maria). I cannot explain how great she has blended in with our family. Without her, I do not know what I would have done. My Mother-in-law is in the hospital for a short stay, but made us promise that Maria will be there when she returns home.

Thank you,

Jack from Yardley, PA

Testimony 3

Dear Margaret,

My husband and I are both attorneys and happily have a very busy practice. My father, has been very independent all his life, and has come to live with us in the winter months. I felt compelled to have a caregiver and companion to stay with him while we are at work. I called you just before the Christmas holiday on a Saturday and asked for coverage on that next Monday, but I felt that would be almost impossible. That Saturday you immediately put the wheels in motion and set up a meeting for Dad and I to meet with Kimberly. Kim started that very Monday, she is a gem! She helped with hi A.M. care, prepared his meals and did his laundry. May I add, she is a great poker player! Thank you again.


Beth from Newtown, PA

Testimony 4

Dear Margaret,

My wife became very ill with a grave terminal disease, she was home on hospice. In addition, you provided a caregiver for her personal needs, and to be a companion on her final days. The aide you sent out was wonderful. She came in every day, and was so compassionate. Although my wife has suffered great pain, she looked forward to having your aide by her side. Also she was very good with our family, who called about the condition of my wife. Thank you!


Dr. H from Yardey, PA

Testimony 5

Dear Margaret,

Thank you for your valuable help in providing competent, caring aides for my mother in her time of need. My biggest concern (because I live 3000 miles away is that she would be left alone and I couldn’t be there for her). That never happened. You were always there for us. When her regular care giver needed time off you replace her with competent caring aides.

My mother’s attitude and her moods were changed when she was cared for by all of your angels.

Thank you again,

Mary Ann D. from Lompoc, California

Testimony 6

Dear Margaret,

Thank you so much for your service over the last 3 years. Guardian Angels was a blessing to our family. Mom often referred to Shirley as her “Guardian Angel”.

It gave us peace of mind knowing that mom was being so well cared for!

Thank you so much!

The family of Anna H. from Holland, PA

Testimony 7

Dear Margaret,

As you know, my dear mother, Mary H. passed away in March of this year. In the last year of her life she received home care from your agency, mainly through Victoria M. and Brenda C. Victoria visited my mother twice during most weeks since last August up until just a few days before her death. When it became necessary for round the clock care in early March, Brenda moved in with my mother for several days.

My mother and I could not have been more pleased with the care she received from Victoria. Whenever Victoria visited, she assisted mother with her medical and other health care needs, and then she made sure she did whatever else she could to make mother as comfortable as possible. If my mother wanted her hair washed or combed, or if she wanted to go to the bank, to shop, to go get a bite to eat, or just to chat about new or old times, Victoria always was so accommodating. In short, Victoria is an excellent care-giver, and she also was a wonderful companion. Indeed, at the end of my mother’s life, I know that she counted Victoria among her friends.

Brenda also provided excellent care. In early March it became necessary for me to leave town for a week at a time when I knew I could not leave mother alone. On just a few day’s notice, Brenda moved in with mother. Brenda remained with mother for almost a week and during that time she helped out as necessary and provided compassionate care under very difficult circumstances. I talked many times with Brenda while I was away from home and always remained confident that mother was in good hands.

Of course I realize that we would not have had the benefit of Victoria’s and Brenda’s service with the pathway provided by your agency. Please feel free to use me as a reference for Victoria, Brenda, and for Guardian Angels. My mother and I were very satisfied customers.


Michael H.

Testimony 8

Dear Margaret and Terri,

On behalf of our entire family, we would like to send this note to the both of you to extend our sincerest thanks for care and concern that you and the Agency showed to Norma during the last years of her life. Norma's heart stopped after many years of illnesses and medical issues. We have been told that she was well taken care of and we have you and the Agency to thank for the time in which she was cared for by Guardian Angels. We have always talked about the many CNAs that looked after my mother-in-law and the care that was given to her with the doctors and the Nursing Home where she lived the last days of her life. Thank you both for the help you were in taking care of Norma.

Our family wishes you both continued suvcess in your business and continued care and concern for others like Norma.

Warmest personal regards,

Norma's grandchildren and Jack (son-in-law and primary caregiver)

Testimony 9

Dear Terri and all of Val's wonderful Guardian Angels,

Words can not express how grateful we are for the marvelous care you gave to our Aunt Val for the last several months. I know that for some of you Val was a handful and I especially thank you for your patience and kindness toward her. And to those of you who were offended by Val's truck driver mouth - I am sorry!

You are all truly special people, and we are eternally thankful to you for taking such good care of our Val.

Thank you!


Amber, Michelle and Walt

Testimony 10

Dear Guardian Angels,

Thank you for your card and kind condolences on the death of my mother, Toni M. Shirley gave her loving care over many years and we will always be indebted to her for that.


Joanne Z.