Agency Home Care

Dear Margaret,

As you know, my dear mother, Mary H. passed away in March of this year. In the last year of her life she received home care from your agency, mainly through Victoria M. and Brenda C. Victoria visited my mother twice during most weeks since last August up until just a few days before her death. When it became necessary for round the clock care in early March, Brenda moved in with my mother for several days.

My mother and I could not have been more pleased with the care she received from Victoria. Whenever Victoria visited, she assisted mother with her medical and other health care needs, and then she made sure she did whatever else she could to make mother as comfortable as possible. If my mother wanted her hair washed or combed, or if she wanted to go to the bank, to shop, to go get a bite to eat, or just to chat about new or old times, Victoria always was so accommodating. In short, Victoria is an excellent care-giver, and she also was a wonderful companion. Indeed, at the end of my mother’s life, I know that she counted Victoria among her friends.

Brenda also provided excellent care. In early March it became necessary for me to leave town for a week at a time when I knew I could not leave mother alone. On just a few day’s notice, Brenda moved in with mother. Brenda remained with mother for almost a week and during that time she helped out as necessary and provided compassionate care under very difficult circumstances. I talked many times with Brenda while I was away from home and always remained confident that mother was in good hands.

Of course I realize that we would not have had the benefit of Victoria’s and Brenda’s service with the pathway provided by your agency. Please feel free to use me as a reference for Victoria, Brenda, and for Guardian Angels. My mother and I were very satisfied customers.


Michael H.