Retirement Health Benefits

A recent study of over 27,000 adults, age 45 and up, shows that retirement can improve your health. Researchers examined data on the lifestyle behaviors of the participants over a three-year study period. During this time, 11% of the group retired. Results show that retirement is associated with positive lifestyle changes. Compared to the participants who were still working, the retirees increased physical activity, slept better, and were more likely to quit smoking.


Adhering to a healthy lifestyle reduces the risk of chronic disease and illnesses. Retirement allows for the opportunities to establish new routines and pursue positive lifestyle changes.


So, go ahead and enjoy retirement. You’ve earned it!


Source: Ding D, Grunseit A, Chau J, et al. Retirement – a transition to a healthier lifestyle? Am J Prev Med, 2016; 51 (2): 170-178.

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