Thank You For The Service

Dear Margaret,

Thank you and your staff for providing us with Amos. My Father, suffers from some dementia and had some limitation in walking. I moved to another state, and wanted him to move in with me but he refused. He has lived here all his life and didn’t want to leave his home and familiar surroundings. He also didn’t want a caregiver, but after meeting Amos he was content.

Amos provided homemaking services, went to the mall and had lunch with my father, he did so much for him. My dad had some bad days, but Amos was always there. He never called off, for he knew how important Dad’s coverage was to me. I felt a sense of relief knowing my father was with Amos.

Now my dad has sadly passed away, and I miss him terribly. I thank you for the services that you and Amos provided for him and I.


Victoria from Texas