Time to spring forward, don’t forget to set your clocks ahead Sunday! With spring coming, birds will be singing, the sun getting warmer, the air smelling fresher. We are happier, feel healthier and are more active. Soon, we will all start the yearly ritual of opening the windows to let all that sweet smelling spring fresh air in and beginning the annual ritual of spring cleaning.

This annual ritual of spring cleaning is a daunting task in the best of circumstances, but we recognize that it is a task that is most difficult for our elderly loved ones. Transitioning from winter to spring, means cleaning out closets, putting away the winter wardrobe, dusting and vacuuming behind and under furniture. We want to know when we open those windows, we aren’t spreading dust and mold in the air.

Guardian Angels of Home Health, Inc. is here to help you spring forward! Call (215)295-6200.

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